The Best of Bermuda: Guide to Paradise

[one_half padding=”0 15px 0 0″]I am in love with Bermuda. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The first time I was here is rained nearly every day but even then I still managed to have a wonderful time. My last visit we stayed in St. Georges, the old colorful part of town with beautiful beaches an an easy going lifestyle. We didn’t interact with too many Bermudians. This time we came for an event, LIVBDA which is a 3 day party in Bermuda put on by a few New Yorkers, a few amazing New York Based DJ’s and a few Bermudian Promotors. Alicia and I had been hearing about this event for years and finally decided to head back to Bermuda for another go. Of course it rained most of the time lol, but we definitely had a few breaks. I’m currently sitting on the patio of our palatial Airbnb in Warwick, on the other more industrialized side of town, across the bay from Hamilton, the main city.[/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 15px”]The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there is literally a white picket fence not 10 feet away from me. A banana tree is growing in the back yard and the tropical trees are filled with flowering pink petals and bright yellow flowers. This trip I had the opportunity to interact with many Bermudians and they love their islands and more than anything, they want to make sure that visitors have a great experience. I was asked no less than 50 times, in 3 days, if I was having a good time and if I even flinched at the question, I was immediately bought a drink, or food or given a ride, or a history lesson or shown something cool or taken some place magical. Bermudians are serious about their islands and it shows in the incredible hospitality and just general niceness that we experienced while on the island. Without further ado here’s my tips for what to do in Bermuda.[/one_half_last]

Cup Match is a great time to visit Bermuda. It’s one of the Islands biggest events of the year and takes place over two days in the summer. It’s centered around a cricket match between two rival islands. There are plenty of parties, events, food and drinks. If you can’t make it to Carnival or LIVDBA then Cup Match is where it’s at. Next up is Bermuda Carnival or Bermuda Heroes Weekend which takes place in June. It’s a weekend filled with events from J’Ouvert to Raft Ups, beach parties and a lot of swizzles and dark and stories (thee drinks of Bermuda). Then there’s LIVDBDA, the reason I came to Bermuda again. It’s the closet thing I’ll get to Carnival this year and it was amazing. I can barely move after 3 days of parties, food, drinks and dancing. My entire body hurts but it was well worth every last penny. LIVBDA usually happens over 3 days during the weekend around July 4th. If you’re looking for the perfect time to visit Bermuda, it’s definitely during the summer.

[one_half padding=”0 15px 0 0″]The Pickled Onion in Hamilton was great for dinner. We had the calamari which was seasoned to perfection and succulent lamb chops. We also had a few dark and stormies that snuck up on us. The vibe was a mix of millennials and the music was great too. Make sure to get a Swizzle as some point which is a delicious Rum Punch that sneaks up on you and leaves you feeling very happy. Temptations in St. Georges is amazing for breakfast. Go for the BLT on raisin bread (yes, raisin bread!). It’s delicious. They have an array of sweet treats too. Go for breakfast then walk over to one of my favorite beaches, Tobacco Bay after walking by The Unfinished Church.[/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 15px”]Dandy Town is a Bermuda football club, but after partying on a boat we somehow ended up here with a free ride from some locals. It’s a mix between a bar, lounge and Jamaican Restaurant and I can’t find any information on it to save my life. Go there. Sit on the bleachers on a weekend. Order a few delicious drinks and some jerk chicken, pork, mac n’ cheese and rice and beans. On my life, it was the best food we had in Bermuda. Devil’s Isle in Hamilton is a great place for a delicious brunch. The banana french toast was delicious and they also make an array of smoothies. Honorable mention goes to Woody’s which we didn’t have time to experience.[/one_half_last]

Photography by Langre Edwards || Editing by Monroe Steele
Location: Jobson’s Cove, Warwick Bermuda
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Tobacco Bay Beach is still my favorite beach in Bermuda in St. Georges. During low tide you can walk all the way out a good 500 feet and still only be waist deep. It makes for a great time dancing in the water. The Unfinished Church in St. Georges is a great place to visit with so much history. It was the back drop for one of my editorial shoots the last time I was in Bermuda and it’s on the way to Tobacco Bay Beach. In Warwick, where we stayed in Bermuda this time around, a 5 minutes drive away is Southlands. It’s a beautiful jungle of with the most amazing exotic Bayan Trees. Being in this forest with nothing but trees and leaves and the sound of insects and birds you feel like you’re in some alternative universe, it’s the stuff disney movies are made of. I also found a new favorite stunningly beautiful and unreal beach thanks to my Bermudian photographer Langre. She took me to Jobson’s Cove (where these photos were taken) and I just about died it was so breathtaking. It’s the perfect tiny slice of beach sounded by rocks. I even saw a very large Parrotfish swimming around and it was beautiful.

I’d advise staying in Hamilton or Warwick to be close to a good nightlife and amazing beaches. We stayed in Warwick at lovely Airbnb a large home called La Pajarera with a few large rooms and a shared common kitchen and balcony. It was a wonderful place to stay and we were pretty close to everything in town. Getting around was pretty simple with taxis. The number for Bermuda Taxi Service is 441-295-4141. The service is very reliable but I’d recommend just sticking with whoever brings you from the airport to your accommodations. Also if you make at least one friend, they will probably drive you everywhere. That was the case with us. We were driving around by complete strangers most of the time and it was glorious.

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