7 Shoe Brands Killing It This Spring 2019

If it’s one thing I know well, it’s shoes. Carrie Bradshaw once said: Men — I don’t know…but Shoes, Shoes I KNOW! I feel exactly the same way, although I do think I know a little something something about men too. I will never know them as intricately as I do a pair of Red Aminata Alexander Wang Sandals. Yes, I call shoes by their actual name, that’s how much I love and respect them. I pride myself on being able to identify a pair of Old Celiné Sandals from half a block away or a pair of No 21 Mules catching my eye on a crowded train. So my spidey senses have been tingling over the last year as new unique shoe brands seemly pop up overnight and as old brands revamp their collections. There’s a new barely there sandal taking over as well as a love for a low-heeled mules. White, Pastels and Neons seem to be the color trend when it comes to footwear these days as well. And of course the quirkier the lines, shape and design of the shoe, the better. Jacquemus is pretty much dominating in that category. Here are the 7 New and Not so New Shoe Brands to keep your eye on for Spring and Summer.

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Wrangler Sweater | Vintage White Leather Skirt get similar Here | Alexander Wang Sandals | Nanushka Socks

Here’s a look at the 7 Shoe Brands Killing It This Spring and Summer! Make sure to keep in eye out for what they do next! If you’re in the market for a pair of designer shoes that you may have missed out on previously, always check out The Real Real. It’s where I get 75% of my designer shoes, New Out The Box! It ain’t all consignment! Never forget. 

By Far


Rejina Pyo

Reike Nen


Cult Gaia


Happy Shopping Loves! What are some of your favorite go-to footwear brands this Spring?



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