Yes, My Coat is On: Kelvin TechStyles Advanced Outerwear

I awoke one day to frigid 15 degrees temperatures here in New York City. Luckily I received my Kelvin TechStyles Loyola Women’s Heated Jacket the day before and charged the battery while I slept. As I got ready for work I was super amped to try out my new self warming coat. I slipped on the heather grey beauty, grabbed my thermos of freshly brewed coffee and headed out into the 15 degree temperatures to work. Before exiting my building I pressed the bluetooth star button over my left chest until it lit up bright blue, signaling the heat was on high. Then I just let the heat wash over me. It was pretty cool. I’ve since used this magnificent coat everyday since and I get a kick out of having people stare at my bluetooth star and then ask me if my coat is on while riding the metro to and from work daily. What follows is usually a group conversation composed of strangers asking about my coat. How warm it is? How much does it cost? Where I got it? How cool it is. It’s become a daily ritual on my way too and from work and I may just be the coolest person in New York City, or at least the warmest. Let’s get into some specifics about Kelvin Techstyles Loyola Women’s Heated Jacket (by the way they have coats for men as well!)

Photography by Rose Lazard

Kelvin TechStyles Loyola Heather Grey Jacket | Timberland Boots | Morkinks on Hair

THE COLOR: The Heather Grey is super stylish. This color seems to be the color of the season for outwear and it goes well with everything.
THE FIT: The fit is just right. I am 5’6’’ and 140 lbs and the Medium fits perfectly. There’s enough room for a heavy sweater as well. The hood is pretty large and I love that I can wear a beanie underneath and that it fits all of my hair!
THE TECHNOLOGY: There are 3 heat settings; High (5 hours) Low (6 hours) and Eco (12 hours) battery life. The battery also has an additional outlet for charging phones, iPods etc. The battery is super slim and light and fits nicely in it’s designated space in an inner pocket. There are heat zones in the right and left chest and in the center of the back.
THE PRICE: The price is amazing! This coat clocks in at $350 but now they are on sale for $299 which is  half the price of other very popular down winter coats. They have a range of smaller jackets as well priced at $199 with the same technology.

I’m glad I charged my battery for my Kelvin TechStyles Loyola Coat last night as it came in pretty handy today with the snowpacalvpse we are currently experiencing in New York City. Even though it’s almost Spring is the perfect time to go ahead and invest in a winter coat for the remainder of winter and for next winter too!


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