How to Rock the Office Holiday Party


A few days ago I attended a pretty awesome office holiday party. My boss held the shindig at Streetbird in Harlem and I had a hell of a time knocking back Moscow mules and shooting the shit with all 9 people who make up our company. This year was pretty awesome in regards to my career. I must say I have been kicking ass and taking names in my field. I am a full time creative here at Fashion Steele NYC and a full time physical therapist as well. I am director of a small practice and I love my job and my company. My boss lets me put my feet up on the desk and he has a drawer full of chocolate just for me. I finally feel like I’ve found a company I will be with for a long time and it feels amazing. I feel valued and my boss is really into vacationing so anytime I ask for time off it’s always a go. Thus, Cuba in less than a month!

IMG_9582 IMG_9598 IMG_9567 IMG_9552 IMG_9592 IMG_9580 IMG_9532

Photography by Rose Lazare

Sweater: ZARA | Skirt & Necklace: & Other Stories | Boots: Stella McCartney

I stalked this skirt for a few weeks before finally biting the bullet and buying it. It’s absolutely perfect for any kind of a holiday party or event. I’m basically the gift! The oversized sweater served to tone down the over-the-topness of the skirt. I’m so excited the holidays are getting closer. I haven’t been home to North Carolina since January and I can’t wait to hang out with my also over-the-top family. There’s just something about being with your family during the holidays that can’t be beat. I’m looking forward to the stillness of being on my moms lake, not hearing sirens every 2 minutes and drinking copious amounts of sweet tea. My mind is also racing thinking about my trip to Cuba. I haven’t been this excited since my trip to Italy. Any who, when it comes to holiday dressing, you can always think a little outside the box. It doesn’t have to be all red and jolly. Sometimes a little spiked holiday outfit, goes a long way, just like that eggnog and coquito.




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