All White Labor Day


Happy Holiday Beloveds. I’ve worked pretty freaking hard this year and deserve all 24 hours of this no working day. Labor Day weekend is pretty much a 3 day non stop party here in New York City. It’s a weekend of barbecues, backyard bashments, the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn and many many all white festivities. I have never partaken in an all white party, until yesterday and I had a blast partying for 7 hours straight. Get a little glimpse into my evening on my snap: Monroesteele. We, my good friend Alicia (who has a budding lingerie blog so check it out) and Khalia of The Coveted K danced the night away at Marquee last night. It was all gravy till a girl literally threw up on my leg. This white number is now on it’s way to the cleaners.

IMG_1062 IMG_1093 IMG_1083 IMG_1101 IMG_1071 IMG_1088 IMG_1052 IMG_1098 IMG_1065

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Dress: The Line by K | Shoes: No 21 Mules | Earrings: Clare V

Karla Deras did an incredible job designing these amazing and sexy dresses. The Line by K is now my go-to for date dresses and pieces that are minimalist but show stopping. I have this dress in 2 colors and now I want the long sleeved one as well. I hope everyone is having a wonderful 3 day weekend here in the states. Today I’m meeting friends for brunch at Miss Lily’s for some delish Caribbean food and chunes. I am an honorary Trinidadian until midnight lol.

Ohhh…don’t forget to get your online shopping on for Labor Day: The Real Real, Reformation, and Intermix are having pretty kick ass sales at the moment.



10 responses to “All White Labor Day”

  1. An'Drea says:

    Serving side boob and curves! I’m here for it. Sorry to read that someone threw up on you at the party; that’s so disgusting! Ugghhh!

  2. Tracy says:

    I LOVE The Line by K!

  3. Rose says:

    yass girl,you look divine in that dress

  4. Jenna says:

    Loooove that Line by K dress. I want one some day. You look incredible, I love those earrings! I get soooo mad when people spill even a little beer one me, I would be livid if I was thrown up on. I’m sorry that happened, people need to get it together. Anyways you are amazing!


    • monroesteele says:

      Thank you so much darling! These earrings are my favorite too. I still managed to have a good time so all is well.


  5. Melissa says:


  6. Desiree says:

    Girl, you look AMAZING! Loving you sultry style <3


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