The funny thing about clothes


Clothes can sometimes have this way of giving you a confidence you didn’t previously have. That’s if you have the confidence to go ahead and buy and actually wear that piece that does it for you. Yes, it’s just clothes but clothes say a lot you. When I first saw these Brian Atwood sandals, I knew that if I didn’t have these shoes, I would regret it forever. Why? Because these shoes are basically me in shoe form. I’m also very aware that many people would shy away from such deliciously ludicrous footwear but I’m loud and funny and an extrovert and I don’t mind the attention. But it’s not always that way for everyone. I’ve been having conversations about clothes lately, from a woman on the street admiring my Proenza Schouler Sandals, to a man in the Baccarat Hotel elevator, admiring those same sandals, to my photographer Mike and general observations I’ve learned from watching those around me.

IMG_4697 IMG_4734 IMG_4716 IMG_4702 IMG_4736 IMG_4706

Photography by Mike Crew of LOE

Top: Forever 21 | Denim Jeans: Rachel Comey c/o Shopbop | Sandals: Brian Atwood Genie Sandal | Denim Jacket: H&M | Tassel Earrings: Vanessa Mooney c/o Shopbop

While in the elevator, this man says he doesn’t know whether I’m wearing those shoes or the shoes are wearing me but either way, I look great. It was a compliment, but I was quick to correct him, that I was definitely wearing the shoes. And that’s the point. Even when we are sometimes super self conscious about wearing something or trying something new when it comes to wardrobe choices, as long as you have confidence no one can tell the difference. This applies to just about every aspect of life. The saying fake it till you make it, couldn’t ring more true. Some people need the opinion of everyone under the sun before picking out something to wear. It’s always nice to have a little fashionable feedback but wear what you want. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. I know I’m not going to be able to wear 5 inch heels and crop top shirts forever but while I still can, I definitely will!




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  1. AJ
    March 20, 2016 / 1:56 pm

    I love this write up. As I am going through this phase in clothing. I heart those shoes! #Slay on

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