It’s finally time for Suede


You may have noticed this season, and a little last season that I haven’t covered many fashion shows for New York Fashion Week. I actually pretty last minute, delegated most of my shows to my New York Fashion Week Contributor Ndey. I definitely look forward to the actual shows, it’s just that sometimes, all that it takes to get to a show, get away from a show, and then fight deadlines to post about that show in a timely manner can be exhausting. So at the latest hour, I decided to sit most of New York Fashion Week out, other than a few select shows, backstage access and cool events. I’ve gotten a feel of burnout from tons of bloggers, such as Antoinette of The Fancy Friend who wrote a great article about this topic. Covering fashion week is definitely work, sure it can be fun, but it’s pretty exhausting. After covering NYFW for the past 6 seasons, I think I’ve definitely narrowed my qualifications for the things I cannot miss, and the things I’d rather watch from the comfort of my own bed, while eating doughnuts in my house dress. My fashion week started off pretty somber and I choose to attend only one show on Thursday Sept 10th, Harlem’s Fashion Row Awards and Fashion Show. It was a great show with awards going to women I admire such as Tracee Ellis Ross who took home the ICON360 award, Khalana Barfield who took home the Editor of the Year Award and designer Azede Jean-Pierre who absolutely deserved the Designer of the Year award. I am a huge fan and hope to one day own one of her pieces.

IMG_1170 IMG_1236 IMG_1194 IMG_1208

On Friday, 9/11, I had no shows that I was attending, and decided to spend the day eating, drinking and being merry with my good friend Jennifer of Comme Coco who made the trek to NYC for New York Fashion Week. We decided to make a day of it in Harlem and shoot around a bit as well as eat at some of our favorite eateries. For a steller brunch we hit up my all time favorite brunch spot Il Caffe Latte on 145th Street in Harlem. But to my dismay, they were not serving brunch! It was FRIDAY! I realized that I’d never been to the restaurant during the week and we promptly missed breakfast by about 2 hours. So faced with this new dilemma we needed extra time to decide we both wanted Penne Vodka with Chicken. After stuffing our faces in the lovely converted brownstone, we decided we both deserved pie as well. I went with cherry pie with whip cream on the side and Jen, in true lover of all things french fashion, went with chocolate mousse.

IMG_1228 IMG_1177 IMG_1222 IMG_1203

Photography by Jennifer Jean-Pierre

Top: Ekineyo | Pants: Derek Lam via Sample Sale | Shoes: Tibi via The Real Real | Hat: Brixton via Revolve Clothing

After a day of shooting and laughing until we almost peed our pants, we rested before heading downtown for dinner. (Yes, basically all I did yesterday was eat, and I’m not ashamed). We headed to Republic in Union Square, and if you follow me on instagram you know this place well. If you are ever there go with the vegetarian dumplings to start, the grilled pork chop entree (TRUST ME) and have two scoops of black sesame ice-cream for dessert. It’s a perfect deliciously balanced meal of flavors, textures and delightfulness that will leave you satiated and perhaps like you may need a 2 hour power nap. With full bellies and heels in our bags, Jen and I headed to a cozy street on NYU campus to attempt a night shoot. Y’all, the shoot was an epic fail filled with scampering mice, cobblestone and stiletto catastrophes, dancing men on the sidewalk begging for attention and no external flash or timer. It was a real shit storm, but I”m glad we tried. I’m still getting used to shooting myself and needed the experience and the practice.

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Oh, can we discuss how it’s finally suede season?!? #Suede #Fringe (the 2 things you need in your wardrobe for Fall)

PS…dont miss Alexander Wang tonight at 9pm! I shall be watching from the comfort of my own bed..eating Doughnut Plants’ newest raspberry doughnut ūüôā





  1. September 15, 2015 / 12:45 pm

    GIRL! Between the mice and the dudes and the stalkers and the tripod and the cobblestone…. haahahahah

  2. September 16, 2015 / 10:56 am

    Love the idea of fall being in the air, is such fringe and suede is such a sweet melody to my ears, lol. I so love Fall though, it could be because I’m an October baby… Who knows. I can’t wait to get attend NYFW someday! I swear I’m going to scream + poop my pants, at the same damn time, lol! I think that’s every fashion and style lover’s dream. I’m really feeling your scenery too, it’s the perfect pairing for your outfit! You had me rolling about the whole “shit storm”of a photo session, I can totally visualize every word of it… Def a disaster but it made a great story!

  3. September 16, 2015 / 11:14 am

    first of all – black sesame Ice cream? Oh my goodness!

    Secondly, I’m totally loving these pants! How fab? I’m super excited about suede season. #BLMGirls

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