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Lately I’ve been struggling with adding more written content that’s not downright boring. How many times can I suggest a skirt or a top, or how to wear something different ways. After blogging for 5 years, its definitely something I feel all bloggers struggle with. I was and sometimes feel like when it comes to the written word, I dear readers, am in a rut. I do some of my best writing while on vacation. I’m immersed in a new culture, a new place and I’m just so inspired to share that, that the words just flow fluidly. It’s mostly like telling a story so that you all feel the essence of the space I am in, and in that way can come along with me. When I was in Italy and my first trip to Paris, I couldn’t keep the words in my head. Everything I saw was instantaneously translated into written word in my mind. I sometimes made notations in my phone to make sure it didn’t slip away. I was eager to run home after a day of touring a lovely french garden and write it all down for you to read. But alas, no vacation yet until I hit Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in October with my beloved but one can still find inspiration right at home.

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Photography By LOE

Top: H&M | Skirt: SUNO via Tokio 7 | Shoes: Loeffler Randall via Farfetch | Earrings: Vintage


I was walking around the Meatpacking district after a trip to the High Line and it just hit me, like it often does, that I live in the greatest city. Looking down a lovely cobblestone street, seeing the water boats slowly drift by on the Hudson, the sun glinting off the high rise windows and illuminating the street is a sight to behold. It’s moments like these, while I sit in a chair under a large umbrella on 13th Street and 9th Avenue, that I love New York. But I really feel it when I’m on the highway in Brooklyn and seeing the city skyline. There’s nothing like it. Anytime of day it’s magical from watching the sunrise over the City from the Brooklyn Bridge, to walking the Manhattan Bridge during the night and seeing the city sparkle. It really makes you feel like anything is possible in this urban oasis of skyscrapers, amazing fashion, the best pizza ever at 2 a.m. and everything your heart desires.

I also got a recent wind of inspiration from a new book I’m reading titled: Weekends at Bellevue. Bellevue is a well know hospital in NYC and the first in the USA of its kind. I did an 8 week stint at Bellevue during my Physical Therapy rotations in graduate school at NYU. I can say, I learned the most at Bellevue about patient care. It wasn’t easy treating patients from the prison ward who were handcuffed to their wheelchairs and came accompanied with a police officer. It also was hard working with patients with head injuries, dementia and psychiatric issues who were at risk for wandering off. It was a hell of a time and learning experience making rounds with MD’s or being in the operating room when a man had a below the knee amputation and was my patient 2 days later. This book it just bringing up great old memories of my time at Bellevue and my love for the healthcare field. It’s so funny how my brain works now, I see people on the street walking a certain way and instantly start to deduct what’s wrong with them. The same goes for fashion. I can see a well dressed woman and tell what designer she is wearing or what high street store she got her dress from. (I shop way too much).

Anywho, I say all that to say that inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from just stopping and enjoying your surroundings, to picking up a good book. All of those things can inspire you to also be more creative with putting together outfits. This mashup is one of my favorites! Suno makes some of the most amazing and eye popping skirts and there’s nothing like a good espadrille to strut around New York City.





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  1. Melissafff
    August 10, 2015 / 9:34 pm

    Great post … Just the words I needed love your look doll keep being You 🙂

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