Florals in the Winter


It’s not Spring yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still rock florals!

IMG_3640 2 IMG_3620 IMG_3611 IMG_3658 IMG_3645

Top: Topshop | Skirt: ASOS | Jacket: Dallin Chase | Thigh High Socks: UNIQLO | Watch: c/o Guess Watches | Boots: c/o DUO | Fury Round Clutch: Forever21

So many things are happening in the next few weeks. For starters FASHION WEEK! I’m really cutting back a lot on show coverage and focusing more on events. Although I will definitely be attending a few of my favorites such as Honor. In addition to fashion week which is huge Valentine’s Day is also coming up! Now, I’m not too excited for Valentine’s Day mainly because I’m not dating anyone but I do have a few special people in my life and I’m sure it will be a great day doing something. What I’d love to do is to go to a shooting range! I may just round up a bunch of my friends and make a day of it.

This month is also Black History Month too. One of my favorite designers Loza Maléombho just did a beautiful series of selfies called Alien Edits. Loza explained to Dynamic Africa that: it [the series] came from frustrations about the US judiciary system with its on going discrimination against African Americans and frustrations about social issues that are class, race, culture, sexuality and religious stereotypes, all of which cause a state of alienation on its victims. The series is really beautiful and breathtaking.

Anywho…with a few layers, florals are just as good on a snowy day as a Spring day!




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