Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit

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Last Friday I had the honor of attending a live interview with Jean Paul Gaultier and Wall Street Journal Magazine. It was held at the Brooklyn Museum. The scene was a fashionable one it noted fashion industry people everywhere. You name it, they were there including Natalie Joos (one of my new favorite fashionites). The drinks were flowing and I spent some time mingling with guest with my good friend and fellow blogger Joy. We settled into the second row and the interview began. It was very informal and fun. Jean Paul Gaultier, even though he is a huge designer who has worked with the likes of Madonna, is still very humbler and very funny.  If you are in the New York Area you must take a trip to the Brooklyn Museum and check out the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit. Its insanity but its so so good.

 photo 027683x455_zps2bfdf029.jpg  photo 029683x455_zps2105ebd8.jpg  photo 031683x455_zpsb9a7ff6c.jpg  photo 033683x455_zpsf6eb329b.jpg  photo 038683x455_zpsf5f8ed8d.jpg  photo 049683x455_zps05552167.jpg  photo 061683x455_zps7223e766.jpg  photo 068683x455_zps76a5ea5c.jpg  photo 071683x455_zpsb322eabb.jpg  photo 079683x455_zps5ddb1a7a.jpg  photo 085683x1024_zpsa2e8c970.jpg  photo 088683x455_zps93329cbb.jpg  photo 122683x455_zps036b7e8f.jpg  photo 153683x455_zps0e5aae07.jpg  photo 155683x455_zps60bfd2e7.jpg  photo 156683x455_zps2a9e7f44.jpg

This is just a small portion of the exhibit. Its really breathtaking and hard to believe that JPG came up with all these brilliant and provocative pieces. Check out The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the Brooklyn Museum from October 25th 2013-February 23rd, 2014. For more information on the exhibit head HERE.




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