What I Miss About The South

If you didn’t already know, I’m a born and bred southerner hailing from the great state of North Carolina. It’s a wonderful place with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other and beautiful rolling plains in between. It’s a popular place for people to move to because of the low cost of living and the most bang for your buck in terms of realty. Even though I loved the south, I always knew it wouldn’t be where I’d live my adult life. As soon as I could I hopped a plane and moved to New York City. I love living in the city that never sleeps. But there are some things I do miss about the south. Most things I can still get in New York. I mean, seriously, you can get just about anything in New York. I’m happy to be going home to North Carolina for the holidays to visit my family. Don’t worry I will be vlogging my trip for my YouTube Channel. I can’t wait to indulge in all the things I’ve missed! Anywho, here’s what I miss about the south. 


One of the things I miss about the south is driving. I used to love driving. I would sometimes drive just to clear my head and in North Carolina there are lots of long winding roads full of nothing but grass and beautiful trees. I used to live close to a lake where deer would cross the road and there was actually a duck walk sign. Meaning that periodically a family of ducks would cross the road and we’d all wait for them to do so. Driving is therapeutic for me. There’s nothing like rolling your windows down and driving through the country playing your favorites songs. It’s the place I close my eyes and go to when I’m meditating and trying to relieve stress. Driving in New York City is anything but tranquil. I hate driving here. It’s actually super stressful.  So when I’m feeling nostalgic here in New York City, I just hop on the bus. It’s my preferred method of transportation when it comes down to public transportation in the city. I like being able to look out the window and see the city roll by. I discover a lot of new places this way. When you’re on the train you rarely come above ground and the cell service is shit. I’ll take the bus over the train any day of the week.


I’m definitely a city girl through and through but I do miss the quiet sometimes. Nights in North Carolina are quiet. So quiet you can hear the wind rustling through the leaves. You can hear the bugs chirping and you can see the stars in the sky at night. I miss seeing the stars most. Anytime I’m not in the city, I spend a great deal of time looking up at the sky and admiring the brilliance of the stars and the moon. It’s rare to be able to see the stars in New York City and don’t even get me started on the quiet. It’s never quiet. There are always sounds when you live in the city. The sound of cars, horns, sirens and people are never-ending. I can barely do an Instastory or record a YouTube video, free of noise. In the south it’s easy to find yourself the only person on a road or the only person in a 5 block radius. It’s nice to be able to be alone. In the city, you’re never alone. I can hear my neighbors on all sides of me. I share the sidewalk with millions of people. On a rare occasion that I find myself being the only person in a train car or on a street in the early morning, I savor every moment of it. The only time the city is silent it when it’s blanketed in snow. I always put on a coat and go out on the first snow just to be surrounded by quiet. It doesn’t last long, maybe an hour or two but I love when it snows for that reason. I also miss the beaches. I used to spend my birthdays down in Wrightsville Beach. Anytime I could, I’d drive down from school and have date nights with my then boyfriend. It’s something about the ocean that I love. I don’t get that same feeling from any of the beaches in and around New York City. It’s just doesn’t compare.


Y’all, I miss southern food. Now there are a few places in New York City where I can get some amazing southern food like Sweet Chick and Melba’s but there are some restaurant chains that don’t cross the Mason-Dixon Line. For starters, I miss Bojangles which is a chicken and biscuit fast food joint. I live for their chicken and cheese breakfast biscuits and their hash rounds and Bo-berry biscuits. THE SWEET TEA! My God, I know it’s diabetes in a cup but it’s literally the best sweet tea on earth. So good you’ll pee at least 10 times after drinking one cup LOL. Anytime I fly home my mom always picks me up from the airport with a bag of my Bojangles favorites in hand. I also miss Krispy Kreme donuts straight off the hot conveyor belt. I will be picking up a box when I get back to North Carolina. Yes, there is a Krispy Kreme here in NYC but they don’t have a hot sign! You can never get the donuts fresh off the belt! It’s a catastrophe really. For some reason, I can’t find BBQ Frito chips or Nekot Peanut Butter Crackers in NYC either. I’m not sure why they aren’t sold here but I’m feening for them! I also miss Hibachi Steak and Shrimp with delicious white sauce. I’ve yet to find a good Hibachi Steak and Shrimp fast food chain in NYC. I doubt they exist. I’m counting down the days until I’m back in North Carolina for the holidays so I can eat my life away. I’ve lost 10 pounds just for this!


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I would also say that I miss the southern hospitality. People saying please and thank you and people giving you personal space. But the longer I’ve lived in New York City, the more I think people are pretty nice here too. All of my neighbors are super helpful and nice. People still say good morning to me when walking down a Harlem street. People aren’t as rude as people make New Yorkers out to be. If you wanna know more about living in New York, check out this post and also check out the New York City tab in my Travel Category. I’ll be heading home to North Carolina soon and vlogging it so I’ll make sure to share some of these amazing things that I miss about the south. 





Special thanks to Revolve for sending over this awesome dress and Tamara Mellon for the boots! Thanks for supporting the brands who support me.


  1. Atiya
    December 20, 2019 / 11:07 am

    Awww I am so happy you get to go back home for a visit! And yes us New Yorkers aren’t bad people… maybe a little impatient because we’re always rushing somewhere but nice for the most part.

    I’m gonna be moving down to NC in a few years so I get to experience all the things you missed while I get to miss NYC!

    • monroesteele
      December 30, 2019 / 11:11 pm

      Oh wow. I think you will love NC. Its definitely a different vibe from New York but its cool too. Thanks so much for reading!


  2. Esther Wilson
    December 21, 2019 / 5:51 pm

    Hello Monroe I do enjoy your you tube channel I am a size 18 and 5’9
    Is there any way you can feature some plus size styles the plus size vlogers usually feature boxy shapless clothes or bodycon we need fashionable clothes also

    • monroesteele
      December 30, 2019 / 11:10 pm

      Hi Esther,
      Being that I’m straight sized thats really not my lane. There are tons of plus sized bloggers and vloggers with amazing fashion sense. When I can i try to include plus sized options. I suggest you recreate my looks with the pieces already in your wardrobe.


  3. cassandra
    December 21, 2019 / 8:44 pm


    • monroesteele
      December 30, 2019 / 11:09 pm

      Thank you!

  4. December 24, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    This blog about the South really hit home. I live here in Georgia, and everything you highlighted rings so true. I have been so caught up in the politics that I had forgotten the really good things about the South. Thanks for a wonderful reminder and have a great time at home. I truly admire the self-discipline to lose 10 lbs AHEAD of the holidays:-) Merry Christmas!!!

    • monroesteele
      December 30, 2019 / 11:09 pm

      Thanks so much Deloris! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Happy Holidays!

  5. Helene
    February 6, 2020 / 1:09 pm

    I am a southern girl too, but I love the city. But I do agree ain’t nothing like Bojangles and other food options that you can only get in the south!!! And by the way I love your blog, and other social media platforms. AMAZING!!!

  6. Monica
    May 19, 2020 / 9:17 pm

    I’m a southern girl in the DC area. You said everything I think…espcially about riding the bus. Unfortunately, I’m usually in a rush so it’s either the train or my motorcycle. Right now, I miss the noise. Prayfully we’ll get back to normal & it won’t be eerily quiet.

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