5 Ways to Prepare for Spring

I know it just snowed a tiny bit yesterday in New York City but I’m already geared up for Spring. The groundhog said it’s coming soon and I can’t be happier fro warmer weather and sunshine. Really, the lack of sunshine really does a number on me. It’s probably why I feel amazing when I’m in Miami, Mexico or Bermuda. That sunshine has healing properties and restores my lack of Vitamin D experienced all winter long in New York City. Yes it’s still cold especially in the Northeast, but that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and prepare for the warmer months ahead. In just 24 day, it will be the first day of Spring and it’s gonna be here before you know it. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Here are 5 Ways I’m preparing for Spring. 

Closet Clean-out Sale + Donation

The weather will be warming up over the net 3 weeks so now is the best time to do your Spring Closet Cleaning. If you haven’t worn it is a years time and its not a special piece its time to Marie Kondo that ish. I’ve had such a surge of creativity when it comes to putting my outfits together just by doing an actually closet cleaning. I recently donated 13 laundry bags full of clothes, coats and accessories. I now have 1 empty closet and can either leave it empty to help manifest my husband and his clothes or fill in with new pieces. You can donate your gently used clothes and accessories to Goodwill, Salvation Army of even Housing Works (here in New York City). The Salvation Army will even come do a pick up! If you don’t have a car like me thats a wonderful way to donate. If you have designer items and accessories you can also recoup their value by selling on sites such as Poshmark and The Real Real.

Get YourTaxes and Business in Order

Tax season is here and its time to get your finances in order. April 15th is the deadline for doing your taxes so collect all your W-2 forms (for my 9-5vers) and those 1099s for my contract workers and self employed entrepreneurs and get those taxes done before April. I use Turbo Tax and have done my own taxes for the last 5 years. It’s really easier than you think. Turbo Tax walks you through every scenario including tax breaks. It takes between 45 minutes and an hour to complete both Federal and State Taxes and I’ve never had any issues with getting my refund checks super prompt. Take this time to take control of your spending as well with websites like Mint.com. Speaking of business, go ahead and get an LLC if you have a self employed business. Set yourself up to win next tax season. Don’t forget to write off damn near everything too (this is for all my full time influencers + bloggers and business owners). Here’s some information on how to LLC as an influencer/blogger and on filing taxes as an influencer/blogger as well. You can also take your business to the next level with my Pitch Template Letters for Bloggers, Influencers and Business Owners.


Create your 2019 Wishlist

You’d think the top of the year would be the perfect time to create your wishlist but actually the time is now. We are well into 2019 and all the rose colored haze of the New Year has passed. You may have gotten an little extra change from tax season and are wondering what to do with that cash. Now is the perfect time to put together your 2019 Wishlist. What do you want to buy this year? Do you have a luxury bag or a downpayment on a home on your radar? Are you looking to travel to a distant location for a week long getaway? Are you looking to start a new business or go harder on your side hustle? Create a plan and start putting in the work to make your dreams a reality. Go ahead and make a plan for the rest of the year. You can’t crush those goals unless you actually have them set. 

Tibi Dress | Zara Trench get similar here | Brinker and Eliza Necklace | Schutz Sandals | Loeffler Randal Bag | Primark Sunnies

Get Your Skin Right

I’m guilty of neglecting my skin in the winter because most people aren’t gonna see my ashy knees, elbows and feet because they will be covered up. But no no no, the major key to great skin in the spring and summer is to nourish your skin all winter long. Thank goodness for the collabo I’m doing with Neutrogena because the Hydro Boost Whipped Body Balm is LIFE. Seriously my feet were dry and scratchy but after using this product on my feet everyday for a week my feet feel like I was just born yesterday. I’m also loving Vaseline Extremily Dry Skin Rescue Overnight Cream and if you’re in need of hydration for your face then head on over to this post for the best face masks and serums for dry skin. 

Update Your Wardrobe

Since you’ve already done a little wardrobe selling and donating now is the time to refine your wardrobe and add the pieces that you’re lacking. Its also a great time to shop the latest Spring Trends and Winter Trends at the same damn time thanks to all the sales happening now like the Shopbop Buy More Save More Sale. I’m also loving all the new Spring Collections at Zara, ASOS and & Other Stories. Missguided and Schutz are killing the sandal game right now too. If you’re not in the market for buying a bunch of new items then order an unlimited membership to Rent The Runway and for $99 a month try out a bunch of designer things without the commitment of spending a ton of money to own them. This Tibi dress and Loeffler Randall Bag are both from Rent The Runway and I lurve them. I’ve had the unlimited for 1 week and already had 8 pieces of designer duds. Your can also check out Moda Operandi to put the designers pieces you’ve been seeing on the runway over the past fashion month on lay-away! Yes it’s lay-away for designer pieces and it’s amazing. Pay half now and the other half in a few months before your runway piece ships. 

Stay tuned my Spring Trends Skirt + Dress Layering Haul is coming next week to my YouTube Channel! Until then check out last years Top 10 Spring Trends Video and let me know how you’re preparing for Spring!

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Thanks to Rent The Runway for providing me with a 30 Day Unlimited Plan to try out all their amazing designer pieces!


  1. Vava
    March 2, 2019 / 10:28 am

    You are so DOPE for real. All great advices.

    • monroesteele
      March 3, 2019 / 10:03 am

      Wow thanks so much. Glad I could be of assistance!


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