3 Ways to Maximize Your Work Commute

A whooping 50+ percentage of those who read this here blog are based in and around New York City and large metropolitan cities from Miami to Paris and Los Angeles. So this post is for you kids, or anyone really who relies on public transportation to get to and from work or to get around period. My work commute used to be about 45 minutes to an hour daily one way so I used that time to get a lot of things done. Here are 3 things to do to maximize your commute.

Work on Your Hobby, Side Hustle or Passion

It’s very rare to actually work in a job that you absolutely adore. We are conditioned to survive so a lot of the times we give up the dream for something more stable or attainable and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was that person for 8 years. I enjoyed my job but I was hella passionate about writing and blogging. So that hour commute I had to get to my 9-5 was prime time for me to work on my passion. I’d wake up and record my Instastories hella early, get ready for work and edit and post them during my commute to work. I’d sometimes take my commute time to brainstorm ideas, writing down blog post ideas in the notes of my iPhone or responding to emails regarding blog collaborations and partnerships. I tried my best to never let those things interfere with my 9-5. If you are wondering where I found the time to blog consistently while working a full time job, then know that that hour to and from my 9-5 were in integral part of me growing my side hustle, which is now my main hustle. 

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Get Your Mind Right

I actually enjoyed my long commutes because it gave me time to indulge in some of my favorite meditations, podcasts and playlists. When I was really trying to change my mindset and live a better life with the notion that there were endless possibilities of what I could do I would listen to Earl Nightingales The Strangest Secret religiously. I’ve listened to it so much I practically know it by heart but still put it on every now and then to refresh my mind. I also have a thing for this Heart Chakra Meditation as well. It’s super soothing. I also would ease stress by listening to some of my favorite podcasts from Hoodrat to Headwrap to Passing Through Podcast. Then sometimes, I just wanted to dance (in my mind or slightly in my seat of course), so I’d listen to my favorite soca playlist, anything from Genius in HD Soundcloud or Lawd-P. Speaking of Lawd-P if you’re in Brooklyn come hang out with us Sunday. All of these things had a way of either clearing my mind, teaching me something or preparing me for the day ahead. 

Reading in fundamental

When I worked a 9-5 and blogged like a maniac, I stopped having time to read which made me sad. I love reading. It exercises my mind and also has a way of stirring creativity. So I starting bringing books and my favorite magazines along for my commutes when going to and from work or when just running errands. Some books I reserved strictly for my commutes and couldn’t wait to get on the train or bus so I can delve back into where I left off. Some of my favorite books are: Barracoon, The Book of Night Women, Nefertiti, The 100 year old man who claimed out the window and disappeared, Death a Life and Paris I love you but you’re bringing me down. And if you haven’t read Steele Magazine ISSUE 5 then check out our digital issue. You can read it along your commute too. Steele Magazine is hosted on ISSUU which is a popular website that hosts many independent digital magazine such as Steele Magazine and Kolor Magazine. You can save your favorites and read them during your down time. Just download the free ISSUU app here and look up independent magazines based on categories. There is so much more cool shit to read out there than what’s been shoved down our throats. Like most millennials I don’t have cable TV so I don’t keep up with the news. I have to make sure I read the news daily on my phone to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

How does your typical commute look like and how to do you maximize your time?

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