Fashion Steele 2017 Review Magazine: The Travel & Wellness Issue

Fashion Steele 2017 Review Magazine: The Travel & Wellness Issue has finally been published. This issue features interviews with Brooklyn Creatives: Diarrha N’Diaye, Social Media Strategist at L’Oreal as well as with Stylist Mecca James Williams who has worked with everyone from Vogue Japan to styling the cover of CRWN Magazine. This issue also features travel editorials from Cuba, Morocco and Yucca Valley California with interesting background stories and poems. In addition to travel editorials there is behind the scenes video of the Scarabeo Camp Cover Shoot in Morocco. Of course this issue is jammed packed with the best in Beauty, Skincare and Hair Products I couldn’t do without in 2017. Our trending articles touch on everything from my experience when my creative content was stolen, to how we as consumers respond when brands fuck up, to The Transparency Wave happening on social media and beyond. This issue also delves into the importance of self-care and wellness with articles touching on transitioning to being vegan, taking responsibility for your health as well as self-care articles, poems and essays. Don’t worry, there is still a ton of fashion as well.

This issue has over 10+ coupon codes to shop some of my favorite brands from The Salt Empire to Chuda Skincare and the latest in technology advanced outerwear, Kelvin TechStyles. All coupon codes are valid until March 2018 so make sure to use them soon!

For Access to The Brooklyn Baddies Video Interviews with Diarrha N’Diaye and Mecca James Williams as well as access to The Perfect Pitch Template for Travel which features a 2 page informational sheet on pitching for travel, 1 template letter to brands/pr/hotels and 1 template letter specifically for brands for social media travel takeover — Get the Fashion Steele 2017 Review Magazine


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