A Very New York New Years Eve

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Photography by Rose Lazard
Featuring Menswear Stylist Christian Nwigwe
China Town, NYC

On Monroe: Self Portrait Dress (get similar here) | Velvet Sock Bootie Stilettos | H&M Boy Cap | Nars Cruella Red Matte Lipstick
On Christian: Zara Black Leather Jacket (get similar here) | Topman Polka Dot Shirt (get similar here)


When I first moved to New York, I was wide eyed and bushy tailed. I used to sit in front of the tall bright lights of Times Square in complete awe. I was just so happy to be here. I walked slowly, wondering why everyone else was always in such a rush. I stopped at a red lights and waited, wondering why New Yorkers risks their lives to cross the light, just to be a somewhere a few moments faster. I gawked at how big the rats were, and how fucking expensive a mixed drink at the club was ($15 just seemed to be ridiculous, back home in North Carolina I can get 2 drinks for that!). I used to sit in Washington Square Park while taking a break from studying and people watch. I loved the super fashionable women who managed to make all black look chic instead of like funeral attire (even in the summer). All black everything was something that was pretty foreign to me until I moved to New York City. Wearing all black was mostly reserved for funeral processions down south, or a work uniform. Why would one choose to wear all black when there’s so much color in the world? I can still remember trying the look out for the first time. I felt sexy, confident and like a badass. No one on earth wears all black the way a New Yorker does. It’s something untouchable and intangible, the way the French Woman is effortlessly chic, the New Yorker is effortlessly cool. Something it took me years to emulate and finally master.

I still love color but every now and again, I get down to All Black Everything. I now avoid Times Square like the plague and although I still say please and thank you and possess a southern drawl and southern charm, I cross the light whenever possible (whether I have the right of way or not). I still think $15 is too damn expensive for some watered down vodka especially when I can get a whole bottle of Barefoot Merlot for $10. In the spirit of doing more editorials which was on my “Be a Better Blogger To-Do List”, I’ve teamed up with menswear stylist Christian Nwigwe to show you how New Yorkers do an all black New Years Eve. Oh, and he does weddings so if you are getting married and your fiancé and his groomsman need help, he’s your man.

I hope you all have been enjoying these collaborative editorials! If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out my latest New Years Collaboration with Tiffany Battle of The Werk Place to show you wear to shop for New Years Outfits.


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8 responses to “A Very New York New Years Eve”

  1. Nenette says:

    Girl, these looks are so hot. So editorial I’m in love. Oooohhhlala fire. Xo

  2. Melissafff says:

    Yes! This shoot is everything

  3. Sharon Joy says:

    As a transplant myself the all black does have a mystique about it that is singularly New York that you have to experience to truly understand. This is really a visually stunning post.

  4. Yalana Rashton says:

    I love this look!!! Very sexy!!! Slay!!!!

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