Snakeskin booties & the Perfect felt hat

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Photography by Rose Lazard
Editing by Monroe Steele
Location: Sugarhill, Harlem

Na-Kd Hat & Sweater | Vintage White Leather Pencil Skirt | Urban Outfitters Boots | Nars Endangered Red Lipstick


So now I love hats. Actually I’ve always loved hats but even more so since going natural and not wearing any protective styles. I’ve found myself buying more and more felt fedora’s and for good reason! It is now cold in New York City and I can’t stand that frigid wind blowing through my afro. This is definitely going to be a Winter of hats and head wraps. This hat is from my new favorite online store They have some amazing clothing and thanks to all the women on Instagram I follow who have promotional codes for them, I haven’t paid full price for any of the 3 huge orders I’ve made over the past 2 months. Yes, its that serious. Speaking of which this sweater is also from Na-Kd and it’s quite possibly my favorite sweater of all time.
A lot of you have been asking about these snakeskin booties too and I love them for two reasons:
1). They look hella expensive but are less than $40
2). They have a kitten heel and I can actually wear them all day without dying

Winter is officially here in New York City and though I always complain about the cold, I like the change of seasons. It’s like ringing in new beginnings. I’ve been working super hard on Fashion Steele NYC Magazine and I’m just overall excited about life and work right now. I hope you can sense that.



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