The Art of Dressing


I’ve always loved fashion. There is just something that speaks to me in a well made garment or accessory. Dressing up is fun! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent as a kid trying on my mothers clothes and shoes. I swear during middle school I’d squeeze my Size 9 feet into her size 8 shoes and beg her to let me wear them. Becoming a blogger and a seasoned traveler only added fuel to the already burning flame of dressing for me. I’m not a natural stylist. I am the girl who tries on a million things before finding the right top for the right skirt. It takes me a little longer to put things together but sometimes I just have a good day. I’ve been feeling very inspired by fashion lately. I’m still on a high from New York Fashion Week and from the recent event I attended with Matchesfashion for their 30th Anniversary. Dressing is fun! And I don’t mean getting dressed. I mean the art of dressing: scouting the perfect top, playing with colors and proportions, accessorizing and pulling it all together to make a look!

IMG_3353 IMG_3417 IMG_3405 IMG_3327 IMG_3422 IMG_3400 IMG_3326

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Stylekeepers Top via Shopbop | Derek Lam Suede Skirt | Aquazzura Sandals via Net-a-Porter | Katerina Makriyianni Earrings | Vintage Bag via Hamlets Vintage


I always have an outfit in mind for events but it all comes down to proportions. A voluminous top goes well with a more form fitting bottom and vice versa. If your garments are very neutral in color such as whites, nudes and browns like this outfit, it works well to accessorize with pops of color. While attending the #MFx30yearsandcounting event, I attended the Vacation Masterclass panel and it was awesome. Mainly because I saw myself in the women on the panel and how they spoke about how they plan vacations. I love vacations! I mean, we have to enjoy life and work to live, not live to work. I’ve been putting out Fashion Steele NYC Review Magazines every year for the last 3 years and I’m excited because this year will be a travel edition! In addition to fashion and writing I am very passionate about travel and love that in this space I can create posts that not only inspire people to dress but to also travel. I live for instagram accounts where groups of travelers pack the same color coordinated looks and shoot their own editorials. Just take a look at Elton Anderson Jr’s instagram account and marvel is the artistry.

I am a travel connoisseur and before any trip I usually start building a wardrobe around that trip in my mind. I scout locations on my laptop and I either find pieces in my closet or buy a few new pieces for the trip that meet the aesthetics of the adventure. I like for the photos to be visually stimulating enough to get readers to click and come to the blog and READ about my experience, an experience they could also have. I find the greatest joy in that.


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