Somewhere between Winter & Spring


Today it’s gloomy and rainy. Boo. It’s seriously somewhere between Winter & Spring and this gloomy weather has me ready to get the hell outta New York City. Also my workload has picked up which also has me supremely stressed. I need a good long meditation to cleanse my mind of thoughts of quitting my job, selling all my belongings and moving to a shack in the middle of no where. Yes, that’s pretty dramatic but for some reason I feel EVERYTHING lately. Perhaps because venus is in retrograde and I’m a taurus so I’m supposedly extra sensitive to that stuff. It’s true, old issues have resurfaced, old lovers have popped up in my inbox, DM’s and texts and I am sick of all this feeling I’m feeling. Bah humbug. At least it is technically Spring even though I’m wearing a bubble coat today. Things could be worse. I am going to California in 6 weeks. Hopefully I can make it that long without drop kicking someone in the throat.

IMG_2780 IMG_2737 IMG_2760 IMG_2705 IMG_2710 IMG_2777

Photography by Rose Lazare

Endless Rose Sweater via Shopbop | 3 x 1 Fringe Hem Jeans | Sole Society Sandals | Cult Gaia Bag


The best thing thats happened to me in the last two days of this already long week (Yes, it’s only Tuesday but i’ve worked enough for it to feel like Thursday), is that I found the Sarkodie station on Pandora and have been JAMMIN‘ on every train ride and bus transfer. Any who, here’s a lewk, somewhere between winter (because I still have on a sweater) and spring (hello embroidered sandals). It seems I was able to rock a lot of spring trends in this one look (dramatic sleeves, off the shoulder, fringe and granny sandals). I can’t wait to wear my first spring dress of the year! Speaking of dresses, check out WardrobeShop for vintage style dresses. I have the perfect one hanging in my closet just waiting for a 75 degree day.



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