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I absolutely love blogging and writing which is why I will never give up this creative little space I’ve built to tell my tales. But I know that blogs are dying. Rarely will someone actually come to your blog and read let alone leave a comment. It’s rare in the age of instant gratification and inspiration that you can find just scrolling Instagram. Many blogs I once loved to visit now ONLY reside on Instagram. I get it, times have changed but my love for the written word will never die and for me a caption sometimes just isn’t enough. But I know for some people, including myself, Instagram is where it’s at for finding just what you need quickly with a hashtag search.

Which is why I’m super excited that has launched their new app, so you can now shop my instagram. You can find out exactly what I’m wearing and where to get what I’ve posted in a photo without having to visit this space. Although, I sincerely hope you continue to visit and read!



Sign up at and download the app onto your phone


Any photo of mine that you LIKE or SCREENSHOT (including my Instastories) with the #Liketkit hashtag or circular symbol with a heart in the middle will trigger an email to be sent to you with links of where you can buy what I’m wearing or products in that photo

It’s that simple.

I always make it my business to post here on the blog with links to where you can find anything but now I will do the same on my Instagram!

Hopefully this makes it a lot easier for you to find what I’m wearing and get it for yourself.



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