It is now necessary to hashtag any and everything yellow as lemonade thanks to Beyonce. Hell is it possible for one human being to revive a whole color? Well yes it is because since dropping Lemonade’s Hold Up and strutting down a New York Street while destroying everything in sight in a southernly stunning Roberto Cavalli yellow dress, YELLOW is back. It also briefly had a moment in 2000 when Coldplay dropped Yellow. Gosh I remember being so melodramatic listening to that song in my high school angst. I actually don’t care for the color too much. I feel that it’s a little harsh against my skin, but I fell in love with this lighter hue of yellow and the fact that this is vintage DVF, a jumpsuit and only cost like $20 on Ebay. I also just realized it is 1 of 2 yellow pieces I now have in my entire wardrobe. Womp Womp. So much for me rocking summer’s hottest new It Colour.

IMG_8426 IMG_8537 IMG_8479 IMG_8459 IMG_8494 IMG_8442

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Vintage DVF Jumpsuit via Ebay | Tibi Fringe Sandals | Eyewear: Jesse Polished Gold Sunglasses c/o TIJN Eyewear | Lip: Nars Mysterious Red Matte Lip Pencil (My personal favorite red for summer)

Speaking of Lemonade, I had the pleasure of attending a Lemonade themed brunch this past Saturday. Amaany, natural hair guru and just an overall amazing and inspirational person and friend, has been protecting my edges for the past 2 years and it was fitting that she was amongst the first people to experience my afro in person. She just moved to a lovely and I mean LOVELY abode in Brooklyn and has an incredible back yard which she decked out in a beautiful table setting with flowers and roses of all colors. It was such a beautiful brunch, with spiked Lemonade of course and Beyonce’s Lemonade playing in the background as we laughed, talked and ate the best home cooked Caribbean brunch. I truly love occasions like this where I’m able to connect with women who are just killing the game in their careers and dreams and aspirations. It was very uplifting and just all around fun! We even posed for a formation style photo when all was said and done. I hope you got a chance to tune into the Lemonade brunch on my snap chat: Monroesteele.

I’m finding that with this new hair, I need more accessories that frame my face and these sunglasses from TIJN fit the bill. They also shipped super fast and I got them within 3 days. I’m now loving round frames! Sorry not sorry for rocking these Tibi mules in almost every post. I can’t help it they go with everything!

Check out TIJN Eyewear and use code: MONROE for $20 off a purchase of $60 or more



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