Dramatic sleeves in Colorful Little Haiti Miami


I fell in love with Little Haiti in Miami as we rode through the colorful neighborhood in the back of a very cheap Uber. By the way, compared to New York, Uber is the cheapest most efficient way to get around in Miami. You can practically get anywhere in the city for less than $15, something damn near unheard of in New York City. I loved the coconut trees, the bugs and lizards, how hot and thick the air was next to the river and also The Little Farm House, where we shot a few looks. This house is what dreams are made of and I like to think that whoever lived here back when it was first cultivated spent a lot of time on the porch drinking sweet tea barefoot, or in the back yard next to the river while the sun set.aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6020 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6034 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6012 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6026 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6009 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6032 aolivaphotography-com-IMG_6016

A.Oliva Photography

Top: Storets | Vintage Thrifted Shorts | Tibi Fringe Slides | MAC Morange Lipstick | Vintage Earrings


Sticking with the theme of Gingham, Fringe and Stripes theme from my other two shoots (this one and this one) at The Little Farm House, I went with my fringe Tibi slides which I absolutely love and wear daily, my favorite repurposed vintage shorts that I last wore in Mexico and this amazing stripe top with the most dramatic of sleeves. I have seen versions of the top everywhere starting on the runway 2 years ago and trickling down to chain stores and online shops. I am a huge fan of dramatics from huge bell bottoms that ELLERY recreated and sold like hot cakes to the oversized and grandiose shapes that Rosie Assoulin has always champions in the form of perfect garments. when I saw this top on Storets, I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe and that it would be perfect for my trip to Miami. I’m not sure how long this trend will last but I hope it sticks around because I’m all for some show stopping pieces, as well as having more personal space on the train in New York City.




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