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Curate. It’s a simple word but it implies so much for those who use it often. Curate is a word used a lot in the blogger community. It’s a way of streamlining so that only the basics remain. It’s basically a way to organize so that when someone takes a first glance, they immediately know that this is you, summed up. For me it started with Instagram. To stand out in a sea of profiles you have to stick to a scheme and sameness seems to be the way to go. I can scroll past one of Margaret Zhang’s photos on Instagram and without looking instantly know it’s her’s because she edits most of her photos the same. She is meticulous with her editing and making sure that her timeline of photos flows. It makes it easier to distinguish yourself from the rest. I’ve begun to curate more than just Instagram. I’ve moved the concept of curating to my lifestyle and wardrobe.

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Last week I gutted my entire wardrobe including shoes and accessories. There was so much I’ve been holding on to that I don’t even wear. It is definitely time to curate my wardrobe down to basics that I can wear year round and my absolute favorites. It felt freeing, I downsized three large closets into two. I used to collect magazines and had shelves and shelves of them but I finally threw most of them away except my favorite issues and my Porter Magazines (which are such great quality they last forever). I’ve decided that I want a cleaner more curated wardrobe and not just my wardrobe but my space as well. Where I used to think more is more, I definitely believe in less is more now. My boyfriend has been instrumental in this because of the super simplistic way that he lives and utilizes his space. He makes every square inch work and he’s meticulous with his interior decor and it shows. I could look at a piece and know that it’s his style. It’s much harder to do that for myself and that’s the type of curating I want to emanate from my Instagram, to my wardrobe, to my bedding and art in my space.

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Photography by LOE

Fringe Sweater: Shopbop | Faux Leather Skirt: Shopbop | Shoes: c/o Ted & Muffy | Lip: MAC Ruby Woo

I’ve become a lot more thoughtful when shopping. I choose pieces that I love, that will last and that I can see myself wearing for the next two years. When Shopbop had their awesome Friends & Family sale a few days ago, I thought carefully about what I wanted and how it’d fit into my new curated and basic wardrobe. I’ve been wanting a faux leather skirt in a bold color for awhile and this one fit the bill. I love the possibilities of this skirt. The sweater of course is more of a statement piece but can still be rocked with shredded denim or faux leather pants for Fall and Winter. These Ted & Muffy lace up over the boots round out my collection of tall boots. What I love most about Ted & Muffy is the high quality of the boots and that you can customize them to your exact calf sizing. I know these boots will last forever even if I wear them everyday of Winter which I may just do!

Curating is fun and somehow by bringing it down to the basics I have become more inspired to work with what I have within my wardrobe.




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  1. November 2, 2015 / 1:55 am

    i can really relate to this post but when it comes to shoe shopping..hell naah am not thoughtful…i buy on impulse whether am gonna use them or not..there is this satisfaction that you derive when you walk into a closet full of shoes..

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