The world seems to be in a state of transition. At least I am when it comes to my life. I am into my 30s, working a demanding job while overseeing a business and a few employees. I’m in the honey moon stage of a new (fantastically awesome and amazingly loving) relationship and I’m trying to keep up with blogging. I read an interesting blog post today by one Margaret Zhang and it really inspired me to be a little less hard on myself when it comes to blogging. Coming up with content is really hard and can easily become stale and stagnant. I use the word amazing waaaaaay too much. I think I’m going to focus more on quality blog post over a large quantity of blog posts. It seems that’s the direction my life has taken me regardless.

I am so passionate about this space and about fashion but sometimes I just want to stay in, eat spaghetti, drink wine and binge watch the first season of True Detectives. (I thank my wonderful cook of a boyfriend to putting me on to that show and doing just that all day yesterday). All of these transitions are occurring and shifting the amount of time I have for other things. It’s a very delicate balance to focus on work and your significant other without alienating your friends and family and hobbies. I do believe I’ve reached a steady point and it’s quite the self accomplishment for me.

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Photography by LOE

Top: Ekineyo | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Alexander Wang via The Real Real | Hat: Brixton via Revolve Clothing | Bag: Coach Thrifted

Transition into Fall

Just as I am transitioning into a different phase of my life, so is the fashion world. Alexander Wang is out from Balenciaga. I can’t say that I didn’t see this one coming. I am a ride or die Wang fan, especially the footwear and his namesake definitely shifted into some weird realm while he was at the helm of both fashion houses. Magazines are already dropping their Fall editions. I just got my very first subscription Porter Magazine and I’m ready to devour all things Fall. Fall has already been on my mind even while shopping the summer sales. If you look, just under the surface, there are a plethora of pieces that can transition you well from Summer into Fall. This skirt a fashion STEELE from the Zara summer sale ($15), is the epitome of everything summer. The pops of color, the short fringe, the A -line mini shape are trending right now. However it’s still a knit and can make the jump to a Fall staple seamlessly with an oversized heavy knit sweater and camel colored suede over the knee boot.

Believe me I’ve racked up during the Summer sales with items that will transition nicely into Fall. Some new pieces I picked up include this fluted hem black satin skirt and this white open back sweater from the Revolve Clothing Sale. I also scored this La marque skirt at a considerable discount from the Neiman Marcus Sale (take a look on my instagram). I stalked the hell outta this skirt and even have it on my vision board from when I saw it in a magazine 4 months ago. It’s really funny how vision boards work. I swear that hasn’t been a season that I did’t get 1 of my vision board dream items.

Speaking of transitioning…I have to invest in cable so I can see what Caitlyn Jenner is all about. Yes…I’d watch that.




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