Oh New York


Why do you have to be so cold? Rewind to 3 weeks ago when wearing this was still possible.

IMG_3786 IMG_3798 IMG_3806 IMG_3796 IMG_3780 2

Jacket: Dallin Chase | Dress: Zara | Boots: Vera Wang Lavender

I can’t believe how cold it is. It makes me want to move to California. I’m actually seriously contemplating leaving New York. I love it here but my goodness, I’m not built for long winters. If there was some place else to go, I’d go to California or maybe even Paris. For now I just need a nice warm vacation. The past few weeks have been really tough on me, so forgive my sporadic blog posts. I also decided to pretty much sit this fashion week out. Fashion Week is my favorite holiday but it was all just a little too much this year. Don’t worry though I have some fantastic bloggers covering shows so you can still get a little dose of fashion week on this site.

 Speaking of fashion, yall…I got my dream shoe TODAY! It’s the Brian Atwood Genie sandal and I trekked down to 17th Street at 7:45 am in sub zero temps to the one day sample sale to pick them up. I literally dreamed of these shoes last night and how happy I would be to own them. So I said the hell with my bank account and splurged because I had the worst weekend of all time and I deserved new shoes!

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