Circa 1990 – The Professional Uniform

I’ve always admired the clean professional look from head to toe. Its something about the uniformity of the suit that sets the tone of effortless style.

I was going through some old photos of my ever so fashionable, grandma Joyce and came across some of her fabulous attire while on the job. Grandma Joyce  was “hot stuff”, as she sported her fluffy knotted ties, chunky pearl buttons, draped necklaces, boxy or fitted blazers, elbow length leather gloves (way before Olivia Pope), cute hats and of course, big hair. Having great style was my grandmothers uniform and she did it with ease. I envision her now as I used to watch her transform into this professional goddess, do her last and final spot touches, pout her lips, final glance from the side and she was ready for the camera or Polaroid as many of the photos were.

After gazing for a while I jumped on the internet and came across some early 90’s fashion editorial spreads that got my creative momentum going to reinvent and rework some of my uniformed matching sets. We all know its all about the fine details that can bring it all together for a complete polished look. As much as I like to have fun with my look pointed and chunky heels won’t be the only  thing on the menu, combat boots, chucks, oxfords, and flat booties are all up as options. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

This is going to be fun! Be Inspired.

 photo 3a6193a083b0e04506f487facef257c2_zpsd86c307b.jpg

 photo 34381327274cffd2c861bf270db06a75_zpsa82ccb75.jpg

 photo 5e92c64e80683c3f69203842306155e9_zpscdd9acb1.jpg

 photo 90689d640d0b5771470d825d269bd5bc_zps015e350c.jpg

 photo 21398c3ed10af52f96ef64a69b1db70d_zps72002b18.jpg

 photo c0ca7eb087ce136ba24e973b1c4c4222_zps7e35872d.jpg

 photo 807645194bb46ac18544aaff2a31b0f0_zps306606db.jpg

 photo 224abeb0c26edf5f6b8b049bf32a1fa1_zps5a1d00d5.jpg

 All photos from Pinterest

The Chanel photo is  my favorite, the simplicity of the stripped t-shirt ( Duh, its Chanel) and the fitted scully to me makes the outfit hence, the details. A pair  tights and knee high black leather boots and trench would create the perfect grunge elegance for the winter but I won’t divulge too many of my ideas. As I tell many of my clients, “Have fun with YOUR style and please don’t take it seriously.”

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Be Only The Best you.

JadeB, Signing Off


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