NYFW: Gadget Check

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Gadget, small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use, but often thought of as a novelty (Websters Dictionary). Why the definition? I was Skyp-ing with a good friend in Hawaii and he watched as I so happily chose my accessories. He must have realized I was satisfied once I gave the final twirl and kiss to the mirror when he blurted,

“I see you have your gadgets, there cool , now your armed and loaded for the day.”

I thought it was hilarious being he’s a twelfth year Navy serviceman referring to my accessories as gadgets. I was into the spin instantly and it allowed me to see accessories in another light. Sure, we all know what they can do for a white tee, bare neck, collard crop, or naked wrist.  Small and subtle, bold and loud, hard and metallic, textured filled, encrusted conversational, can be the tone to any ensemble. I felt as if another eye opened and when I tried explaining what the word “gadget”did for me he looked back with a blank stare, typical. It went right over his head

I’m 1000% sure you get it though, indulge in the awesome gadgets I spotted and snapped during NYFW.

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All photos shot by me, Jade

Did you take it all in as I did? Want more ? Comment below.

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Milan Fashion Week is next and Monroe and I will be there.

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JadeB, Signing Off



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