Cinque Terre: Doria Castle Day 3 Style Diary

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Day 3 in Vernazza was our last full day in the quaint beach town of Cinque Terre. We decided to stay local and check out the Doria Castle which lies on a hilltop overlooking the town and then check out the harbor at sunset and have our final meal at Belforte which is supposedly the most scenic and most delicious restaurant in all of Vernazza.

We started early and made our way up the hidden stair cases passing green, pink and yellow doors along the way. Every which way you turned was a new pathway leading up with a narrow staircase with doors etched into the walls. I really don’t know how the elderly folk of Vernazza do these steep stairs daily with no railings. After paying the 1.5 Euro to get inside we ascended the staircase and were greeted with the most fantastic views of Vernazza. You could also see all the way across the water to Monterosso on the right and Corniglia etched into a cliff on the left.

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Photography by Jade B. Ford

Dress: Madewell | Sandals: Lanapo | Handchain: Midori Line | Bag: Thrifted | Bracelet: Souvenir from CT

It was a merry time discovering every angle of the towns and snapping away in awe as the towns shimmered against the never ending water line. It was peaceful. We climbed the spiral staircase to the very top of the tower and the views were even more magnificent. It’s amazing how the 5 towns were created and how they’ve managed to stay true to their beginnings. After checking out the castle we headed down to the new beach to get more photos of The Cave and visit the beach one last time, (although I would go again the next morning by myself to pick up a few rocks as memorabilia and to get a few snaps without people in them). After that we grabbed a snack before going to catch the sunset from the harbor. Even though we caught it the night before…its different every time and seems to be more beautiful every night.

The Belforte restaurant was on my list of must do eateries in Vernazza. I’d read many reviews that raved about the place, so I decided to save it for our last night. We made a reservation for 8:30pm and went back to our apartment to change. The restaurant in right at the tip of Vernazza on a cliff overlooking the sea and the winds were crisp. We wanted to make sure we were sufficiently bundled because we definitely wanted to sit out on the terrace overlooking the sea. The views were amazing. The church was all lit up a bright green color and all of the lights of the town sparkled. We ordered a meal fit for queens that included : Pesto pasta, shrimp pasta in red sauce, a seasonal vegetable salad, clams saturated in cilantro, white wine and lemon and we finished the meal off with two cappuccinos. The pesto was heavy and creamy. The clams were perfectly seasoned and I eat a whole plate of at least 20 of them! The salad with its rich fresh tomatoes, and leafy lettuce was light and tasty. The meal was definitely the best we’d had during our entire stay.

Vernazza was amazing and I will never forget my time spent here. Now I’m off to Paris!
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  1. September 26, 2014 / 10:27 am

    Beautiful white dress, perfect for the location.

  2. September 29, 2014 / 6:33 pm

    always stunning! love the dakota handchain, you are totally rocking it girl!

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