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Fashion Steele NYC is a personal fashion and lifestyle blog where Luxury, Thrift and High Street meet.

Fashion Steele NYC readers are savvy, educated and love to shop and travel. Monroe Steele is skilled at creating highly visually and stimulating content through writing as well as editorials. She researches, scouts locations, styles as well as writes all the content for Fashion Steele NYC. Take a look below at our services provided, demographics and case studies for working with brands to show influence.

Services Provided

We do not accept product for payment. All services are a la carte and can be combined for your convenience.

Social Media Management: Creating, Planning and Scheduling Engaging Social Media Content that promote sales and increases engagement and viewership for Instagram/Instastories, Facebook & Twitter

Influencer Relations Consulting: How to take your brand to the next level with Micro Influencers

Photography & Videography: Creative Direction and Photography of Products for Website and Social Media Use, including but not limited to: Flat lays, Lifestyle shots, Street Style shots, Videography 60 seconds – 2 minutes

Sponsored Content: Sponsored Blog Posts/Reviews, Sponsored Video Posts/Reviews, Sponsored Giveaways, Sponsored Social Media Posts

Instagram Collaborations: Instagram Photos, InstaStories, InstaStories (with Swipe Up Links to website/product of your choice), Highlight Links in Instagram Profile

Social Media Takeovers: Instagram Photography & Instastories Takeovers for Special Events, Travel, Tutorials Etc.

Speaking Engagements/Hosting: Event Hosting (inviting my audience to event), Panel Discussions, Moderating Panels, Fashion & Blogger Expert Appearances, Television Interviews/Expert

Features Writing: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty & Health Writing

250 x 250 Ad Space in Right Sidebar or 300 x 200 Ad Space on Main Blog Page & Footer

Sponsored Links: Links inside old or upcoming Blog Posts, Swipe Up Links on Instagram Stories (Lasts 24 hours with analytics provided upon completion), Link to a site of your choice in Instagram Highlights (1-3 Months), Link to a site of your choice in Instagram Profile (1-3 Days Maximum)


Let’s talk about the numbers because they seem to rule everything. The numbers don’t matter. Social Media numbers especially Instagram count can be bought for less than a buck. I have worked hard over the last 7 years to cultivate a TRUE following. Readers who are engaged, who comment, who buy and who are generally interested in the information I have to offer. Let’s take a look at my demographics, my engagement and influence (because that’s what really matters).


83.6% Female 16.4% Male

20%  AGE 18-24 | 45%  AGE 25-34 | 27%  AGE 35-44 | 8% AGE >45

Returning Visitors 54% New Visitors 66%

Average Post Read Time: 3 minutes

Top 5 Countries Reading Fashion Steele NYC: USA | United Kingdom | France | Canada | Germany

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.52.01 AM


 Link Clicks Per Post Average 450

Sales Per Posts Range $200 – $350

Page views on Blog: 14K Weekly

Twitter Average Post Retweets & Favorites: 10

Average Instagram Impressions Per Week 100K

Average Instagram Profile Views Per Week 4K

Instagram Comments Per Post Range 60-70

Average Saved Instagram Post: 45

Average Website Link Clicks from Instagram Per Week: 2K+

Average Instastory Views: 1.1K+

Average Increase in Instagram Followers Per Week: 400+


Here are a few examples of my influence using a Recent Blog Posts, InstaStories and YouTube Videos.

Blog Post Influence

Harlem Edit: Where to Eat Uptown Published 6/8/2017

In less than 24 hours 2 readers visited a restaurant for a meal ($40 average meal) mentioned in that post and posted photos to Instagram and tagged me: INSTAGRAM POST 1, INSTAGRAM POST 2

8 White Boohoo Dresses from that post were sold along with additional items for over $500 in Sales

Average 4 Exit Link Clicks Per Person

5 minutes Average Read time for that Post

Instastories Influence

Uniqlo Sale Published on 4/12/18 via InstaStories with the above 6 items with Swipe Up feature to each item (Keep in Mind Instastories only lasts 24 hours)

Within 24 hours made 21 Sales over $400 in Purchases (commissions shown below)

Viewers Responses to Uniqlo Sale via Direct Messages

Video Influence

On 4/14/18, I posted this Shopping Haul & Try-On Video featuring ASOS pieces. Within 24 hours I made 27 Sales from ASOS alone (not including the other 5 brands mentioned in that video: Tibi, Mango, Tictail & Zara)

So now that you’ve taken a quick look at what matters, LET’S WORK TOGETHER!

My rates are affordable and I love working with brands that align with Fashion Steele NYC. Send me an email at Monroe.Steele@gmail.com in the meantime, check out my media kit below.

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Rates Sheet Available on Request

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CONTACT: Monroe.Steele@gmail.com for all collaborations & inquires